A servo-driven welding machine for the heating element butt welding of PE, PP, PVDF and PVC pipes from OD 160 up to OD 500mm. Ideally suited for the reliable fabrication of fittings e.g. elbows, T- and cross-pieces of the highest quality in the workshop. The machine is mounted on an extremely solid and torsion-resistant basic frame and has two movable machine tables running on precise guiding units that are highly capable of bearing the weight of the heaviest wall pipe. The table drive allows the exact control of weld forces and assures smooth operation. The tables are constructed in an ideal way with respect to the demands of the plastic fusion process. The unique floating fixation of the tables enables a very solid suspension for both the heating element and planer. Both are retracted pneumatically between the basic clamping tools by means of high quality linear guidings, and meet highest demands of quality and service life. The clamping tools have been optimized for handling and stability, and are designed for swivel mounting on the tables for the fabrication of fittings The clamping tools can be moved horizontally for a simple compensation of alignment throughout the welding process. The clamping of the welding pieces is achieved manually via spindles in the standard version and may be optionally supplemented by hydraulic controlled systems.
The machine is controlled via the CNC 3.0 control unit setting a new benchmark with regard to operator convenience. Data entry is achieved via a barcode reading pen, or can be achieved via manual input. The CNC 3.0 also has an enhanced memory for storing up to 30,000 welds and is equipped with an operator console to meet all the demands on a modern control unit. In combination with the extremely dynamic servo drive you can achieve the shortest of change- over times critical with materials with short tolerance zones, while also controlling exact joining methods and precise weld force regulation. A further advantage is the automatic welding cycle utilizing the pneumatically cushioned heating element motion that is controlled by a processor for precise operation. In this way operator interferences can be practically excluded and the highest accuracy in weld repeatability is realized.
The anti-stick coated heating element is equipped with a connecting cable and special plug, as well as a control lamp for monitoring during the weld process and assures an exact temperature distribution throughout the element ensuring quality welds and long service lifetime. The electronic temperature regulation and monitoring is according to DVS 2208 and is included in the CNC control; and makes for easy connection to the control unit. The electric planer, with the chain drive in a closed housing, produces a high torque performance that has been optimized in its high cutting performance while running smoothly.