WIDOS 3511 Socket Fusion Machine for the socket welding of PE, PP, and PVDF pipe and fittings up to 125 mm. The machine frame is of solid welded steel construction. Table travel movement is accurately controlled by a rack and pinion drive mechanism. The holding clamps for pipe and fitting are of prismatic design. A Dial Stop allows for adjustment of the penetration depth, which differs depending on diameter and type of fitting (ASTM in mm or IPS, Type A or B per DVS). Once adjusted, a stop device prevents excessive insertion of the pipe into the fitting. The heating element holder is of a floating design to allow for the optimum heating geometry of the sockets and spigots.

W3511 features: 

  • Solid, durable welded steel construction of machine
  • Transportation case used as mobile bench top for set up anywhere
  • 110v power supply (230v available)
  • Electronically adjusted heating element, with digital indicator
  • Prismatic Clamping devices allow clamping of any OD from 20mm – 125mm
  • Equipped with 20mm – 125mm spigots and sockets
  • Heating element is easily removable, can be used as a hand held device.
  • IPS Spigots and Sockets available, per ASTM or DVS