Hand held Socket fusion tool with an electronic temperature control for the reception of anti-stick coated heating spigots and sockets from OD 20 – OD 125 mm. It is equipped with control lamps, a digital display, and buttons to set the temperature. For support on the building site or in the workshop, one table support holding device is included with the heating tool. Everything is packed in the steel carrying case, including 75mm, 90mm & 125mm Spigot and Sockets. 

Weld-IT® features:

  • Lightweight, durable hand held tool
  • Single Receptacle for socket and spigot
  • 110v power supply (230v available)
  • Electronically adjusted heating element, with digital indicator
  • Equipped with 75mm – 125mm spigots and sockets
  • Table Top Holder included, for “hands free” welding
  • IPS Spigots and Sockets available