Hand held Socket fusion tool equipped with a Prismatic operating set of Master Clamps, fast turning Screw Drive for quick, easy opening and closing in tight field positions. Very lightweight, rugged, design insures a capability to make socket welds in the toughest of places. The combination of being easy to handle and easy to use makes this tool a must have for contractors and installers putting together socket welded piping systems. Designed to weld pipe and socket fittings from OD 63– OD 170 mm, it is operated with a cordless drill and 6mm allen wrench for fast, smooth operation during the welding process. Everything is packed in the rugged carrying case that is easy to transport and built to last

Socket JIG features:

  • Lightweight, durable hand held tool
  • 2 sets of Prismatic clamps for pipes, sockets
  • A combination of Aluminum and Steel construction ensures durability
  • Fast closing screw drive minimizes change-over time during fusion
  • Equipped with handles for easy moving into weld position
  • Rugged transport case with rollers for easy transport on, or to, the site