Low Flame and Smoke Translucent Containment Piping A recent breakthrough in material technology has resulted in unique piping with good optical properties and exceptional fire performance characteristics. Harvel FlameTech Containment Piping Offers the Following Benefits:

• Good Fire Performance Characteristics – low flame spread and low smoke generation during fire exposure • High heat distortion temperature

• Chemical distribution tubing can be continually monitored for leaks by visual inspection • Requires fewer monitoring sensors and other costly equipment compared to conventional “opaque” systems • Good chemical resistance

• Heat-formable for on-site fabrication of belled ends, sweeps and bends •

 Joined using conventional solvent cement joining techniques

• Installs quickly and reliably using inexpensive joining tools

• Compatible with conventional Harvel Clear PVC piping products

• Lower overall installed costs compared to alternative materials where fire performance requirements are a concern


Harvel FlameTech has been developed for use as containment piping in visual leak detection systems in areas where flame spread and smoke generation are of concern (i.e., containment piping installed in return air plenum applications). Major building and mechanical codes require that combustible piping installed within an air plenum must have a maximum flame spread of 25 and a maximum smoke development rating of 50. Based on large-scale burn testing of finished piping products conducted by ULC, Harvel FlameTech piping meets this fire performance requirement and is Listed by ULC for surface burning characteristics. In addition to excellent fire performance properties, Harvel FlameTech translucent piping offers good optical qualities. This enables its use as containment piping for high-purity piping runs where quick identification of primary tubing and visual leak detection are critical. Primary tubing can be readily identified and inspected visually through the pipe wall. Utilizing a flashlight or alternate light source greatly enhances this unique attribute.

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1/2" N/A FlameTech™Pipe N/A 1/2" inches N/A .109 inches N/A .840 inches N/A .608 inches Add To Cart
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1" N/A FlameTech™Pipe N/A 1" inches N/A .133 inches N/A 1.315 inches N/A 1.033 inches Add To Cart
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1-1/4" N/A FlameTech™Pipe N/A 1-1/4" inches N/A .140 inches N/A 1.660 inches N/A 1.364 inches Add To Cart
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1-1/2" N/A FlameTech™Pipe N/A 1-1/2" inches N/A .145 inches N/A 1.900 inches N/A 1.592 inches Add To Cart
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2" N/A FlameTech™Pipe N/A 2" inches N/A .154 inches N/A 2.375 inches N/A 2.049 inches Add To Cart
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