Inch Acetal Fittings (White)

The CI Range of inch-size fittings is offered for tube sizes 1/4" O.D. and 3/8" O.D. The fittings are manufactured in white acetal, with a food grade EPDM O-ring. They have been developed for the water industry but are equally suitable for other potable liquids. They are also recommended for intermittent hot water applications.

Working Pressures and Temperatures 
      Max. 150 psi at 70˚F 
      Max. 100 psi at 150°F
      Min.  33°F/1°C
Detailed technical information call our Thermoplastic Specialist

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N/A . CI291208W N/A Tube To Hose Elbow 3/8"OD Stem 1/4"ID Hose $2.67 Add To Cart
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