Pressurized and non-pressurized tank levels, flow measurement (liquid or gas), pollution monitoring equipment.


  • Up to 8 times smaller than a conventional process transmitter
  • Robust NEMA 4X (IP65) aluminum die cast housing
  • Bright backlit LCD display
  • Stainless Steel, viton and alumina ceramic wetted parts
  • Ranges from 0-4 to 0-400 in.W.C. and bidirectional ±4 to ±200 in. W.C.
  • 2 wire 4-20 mA output
  • Flow measurement "totalization"/square root extraction function.
  • Internal push-button configurability allows quick range changes
  • Scaling function allows display to indicate arbitrary physical units
  • "Loop Check" function allows unit to output 4-20 mA without applying pressure
  • Easily rotatable display, 90° increments
  • Key Lock

The new Ashcroft® Model GC52 is uniquely compact wet/wet differential pressure transmitter, ideal for flow and tank level applications where reliable, low dP measurements are required. Equipped with the patented SiGlas™ 316 Stainless Steel isolated sensor, the GC52 can monitor a wide variety of wet or dry media. Available in unidirectional ranges from 0-4 to 0-400 in.W.C and bidirectional ranges up to ±200 in.W.C., the GC52 operates on line (static) pressures up to 300 psi. A rugged aluminum NEMA 4X / IP65 enclosure measures only 2.56 inches in diameter and incorporates a backlit LCD display for local reading. The output is a two-wire configurable 4-20 mA signal that can be adjusted to re-range the transmitter or "tare" unwanted fluid head preloads. In addition, this instrument offers flow measurement/square root extraction, where the momentary flow rate can be displayed and analog signal can be output.