The W Strut Clamp is the latest, revolutionary way to mount pipes to strut.
One size can fit multiple pipes, reducing the types of clamps needed to complete a project.
Its patented one-piece design and durability allows installers to prefabricate a job, saving time and labor costs in the process.
Simply stated—the W Strut Clamp is an easier, safer and affordable solution for any installation project.

Features and benefits

  • For metal pipe applications
  • One piece design – no loose parts
  • Easier, faster, safer – installs with one hand
  • Surface treatment: high grade Zn-Mg based coating (600 hours salt spray)
  • 4 way screw head – phillips, flat, hex and square drive
  • Rubber lined for corrosion protection and noise/vibration insulation
  • Unique design allows one clamp to fit multiple pipe sizes – less items to stock
  • W Strut Clamps are boxed for easy handling – no more bags