The DR4300 Circular Chart Recorder provides one of the most cost-effective solutions for dependable pen drawn analog traces on a 10-inch (250 mm) chart. It is easy to set up and configure to match a wide range of applications such as food processing, environmental monitoring, machine monitoring, flow, water and waste monitoring, for use on furnaces and ovens, packaging machines, and numerous other processes.
The DR4300 Recorder gives you the flexibility to tailor the recorder to match any application, from basic recording to actually doing the process control, by choosing the options that are required to accomplish your application needs. Both one- and two-pen models accept inputs from any one of a variety of sensors or transmitters within the configurable range limits. The DR4300 can be specified with a variety of options such as one or two digital controllers, a vacuum fluorescent display for viewing the process variable or configuration using English language prompts. You can also select Modbus™ communications, or choose a number of software options such as a timer function, setpoint programming, or advanced fuzzy tuning/PID control.

  • Charts—Over 200 preprinted charts available to meet specific recording needs.
  • Ink Cartridge—Disposable fiber-tip ink cartridge for dependable recording with minimum maintenance.
  • Universal Power—Eliminates the concern with matching the local power requirements.
  • Universal Inputs—Accepts 10 thermocouple types, RTDs, mA, mV or voltage inputs through simple configuration.
  • Thermocouple Failsafe—Configurable upscale or down-scale burnout.
  • Manual/Automatic Modes—Bumpless, balanceless transfer between control modes on advanced recorders.
  • User Configurable—Allows you to set up or alter operating parameters to fit your requirements. Easily set DIP switch configuration on basic recorder.
  • A Vacuum Fluorescent Display/ Keypad with English language prompts is available for more advanced recorder set up and monitoring.
  • Optional Outputs—Choose from Alarm, On-Off Control, Limit Control, or versatile PID digital controller.
  • Accutune II™—Provides a new, truly plug and play tuning algorithm, which will, at the touch of a button or through a digital input, accurately identify and tune any process including those with deadtime and integrating processes. This speeds up and simplifies start-up plus allows retuning at any setpoint.
  • Fuzzy Logic—This new feature uses fuzzy logic to suppress process variable overshoot due to SP changes or externally induced process disturbances. It operates independently from Accutune tuning. It does not change the PID constants, but temporarily modifies the internal controller response to suppress overshoot. This allows more aggressive tuning to co-exist with smooth PV response. It can be enabled or disabled depending on the application or the control criteria.
  • Individual Pen Options—Include Totalization, a Timer function, Digital Inputs, Auxiliary Output, and Setpoint Programming allowing the most flexibility to meet the application need.
  • Quality/Support—The DR4300 is backed up by a toll-free phone number for technical assistance.
  • CE Mark—Conformity with 73/23/EEC, Low Voltage Directive and 89/336/EEC, the EMC Directive.