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Pressure regulators to accurately convert varying or constant excessive upstream pressures to a predetermined maximum downstream pressure in systems handling highly corrosive or ultra-pure liquids.

Pressure Information: Maximum inlet pressure rating is 150 psi at 75°F. Adjustable downstream range is 5 to 50 psi. Higher set pressure model PRH is available with 30 to 125 PSI range.

Pressure regulators can also be used to maintain a constant pressure in a tank. Some tank applications cannot exceed certain pressures due to the tank construction or tank equipment. A pressure regulator, when preset to a certain pressure, will prevent excessive pressure.


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N/A 421272 PRHM075EP-CP While Supply Last........ N/A 3/4 inches N/A NPT N/A Molded CPVC N/A EPDM $400.00 Add To Cart
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