Simpler, safer and far less expensive than electric pumps
A few strokes of the plunger can pressurize any container from 5-gallon jugs to 55-gallon drums — with no potential sparking hazard which make electric pumps unsuitable for many uses. This revolutionary pump delivers unparalleled value and reliability and quickly pays for itself by preventing potentially hazardous spills while assuring precise, measurable flow control and RCRA empty containers.
  • Durable: Built to last and constructed of 100% non-reactive polypropylene, GoatThroat pumps are engineered to work up to 10 years.
  • Safe: Eliminate drips, costly spill hazards, and VOCs. These pumps also prevent accidents and repetitive motion injuries.
  • Value: With the capacity of an electric pump at the cost of a hand pump, GoatThroat‘s one touch tap system dispenses liquids at a controlled rate to prevent waste, conserve your inventory, and produce precisely measured amounts every time. Smooth uncontaminated flow delivers volume up to 4.5 gpm. Best up to 270 centipoise, 1400 SSU, 300 centistokes.
  • Versatile: Safe for use with more than 750 listed liquids, fits all common container sizes, offers the most useful accessories in the market today.
  • Proven: Thousands now in use by laboratories, hospitals, agricultural facilities and industries from aviation to zookeeping.

Environmental Compliance

GT-100 (Red) with Nitrile seal for petroleum-based products including oil, glycerine, chloride, ethanol, etc.
GT-200 (Blue) with EPDM seal for general purpose chemicals including acids, acetates, alcohols and phosphates. 
GT-300 (Green) with Viton® seal for aggressive chemicals & solvents including bromine, sulphurc acid, ethylene, niric acid, pesticides, gasoline, diesel etc.

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Red Piston Drum Pump Nitrile 3/8" 4.5gpm 4"PP STANDOFF Most Oils & Food Grade
Blue Piston Drum Pump EPDM 3/8" 4.5gpm 4"PP STANDOFF 4"PP STANDOFF Caustics, Soaps Food Grade
Green Piston Drum Pump Viton 3/8" 4.5gpm 4"PP STANDOFF Acids, Solvents, Herbicides, Oil w/ Additives
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