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Hayward Flow Control announces the launch of the CCP Series Tank-Tite™ Compression Fittings to our line of market leading Bulkhead Fittings and Tank Accessories. The Tank-Tite™ is a revolutionary and patent pending design PVC compression fitting that provides a constant load on the gasket of the bulkhead fitting to overcome and compensate for tank wall expansion/contraction due to changes in temperature and/or pressure within the tank. It also imparts at the same time a constant load on the bulkhead fitting nut that reduces the possibility of loosening of the nut due to vibration within the system.

Caution: Important to know all requirements from each manufacture are met, to ensure a successful overall application.

Key features include of the Tank-Tite:

  • Robust PVC Upper and Lower Body Construction.
  • 17-7PH Stainless Steel Wave Spring
  • Rated to 150 PSI Non-Shock @70ºF.
  • Fits with all Hayward BFA Series Bulkhead Fittings.

Unit of Measure


Item #

Item Name


N/A 459406 CCP1005 N/A Compresson Fitting 1/2" with 17-7 PH Spring $17.92
N/A 460861 CCP1007 N/A Compresson Fitting 3/4" with 17-7 PH Spring $20.92
N/A 460860 CCP1010 N/A Compresson Fitting 1" with 17-7 PH Spring $22.20
N/A 460859 CCP1015 N/A Compresson Fitting 1-1/4" & 1-1/2" with 17-7 PH Spring $32.23
N/A 460858 CCP1020 N/A Compresson Fitting 2" with 17-7 PH Spring $37.02
N/A 460857 CCP1030 N/A Compresson Fitting 3" with 17-7 PH Spring $60.08
Unit of Measure