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Applications: Water and beverages For use with chemicals or other potentially aggressive liquids, contact USCO.
  • Working pressure 1/4”: 230 psi from 35°F to 100°F and temperature 150 psi at 150°F 60 psi at 200°F
  • 3/8”: 190 psi from 35°F to 100°F 100 psi at 150°F 60 psi at 200°F
  • 1/2”: 160 psi from 35°F to 100°F 100 psi at 150°F 60 psi at 200°F
  • Maximum circuit pressure depends equally on the type of tube used.
  • Maximum torque values
    • 1/8 and 1/4: 1.0 ft lbs / 1.5 Nm for plastic threads NPT
    • 3/8 and 1/2: 2.2 ft lbs / 3.0 Nm

Optimal sealing

  • D sealing providing a positive seal
    in static or dynamic positions
  • pre applied PTFE sealant on threads
    for immediate installation
  • unit quality control and dating
  • automatic sealing: the D seal within the fitting provides a positive seal on the O.D of the tube.In both static and dynamic positions, due to an optimized design of the fitting cavity
  • All Liquifit threaded fittings have a pre-applied PTFE thread sealant to save time during assembly.

High performance materials
Also available with NSF certified thread sealant applied, use 63xx instead of the 65xx


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N/A 422139 6315 56 14WP2 N/A Female Connector NPTF 1/4"OD 1/4"Thread $2.94
N/A 422140 6315 60 18WP2 N/A Female Connector NPTF 3/8"OD 3/8"Thread $3.40
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