• Pressure rating @ 73°F, water: Full flow (open) 150 psi, Back pressure (closed) 75 psi
  • Maximum service temperature: 140°F
  • Temperature/pressure de-ratings apply
  • EPDM seat

General Installation information: These valves are designed for horizontal installations, but may be installed in up-flow only vertical position. Valves MUST be installed with the FLOW arrow pointing in the direction of the flow. Do not install valve upside down. Flow velocity should not exceed 5 ft./sec. Minimum opening pressure less than 0.5 psi.

Unit of Measure


N/A 2 inches

End Connections

N/A Thread

Pressure Rating at 73°F

N/A Water: Full flow (open) 150 psi, Back pressure (closed) 75 psi

Max. Service Temperature

N/A 140 °F

Seat Material