Standard Features

  • Fully customizable for unique multi-port requirements
  • Compact size
  • 100% Individually tested
  • Self-Lubricating machined PTFE Rotor assures smooth operation and eliminates need for lubrication
  • Electric and Pneumatic Actuation available
  • Stackable for manifold applications

Valve design uses a pre-drilled PTFE rotor to distribute flow to multiple ports. The "wiping" action of the rotor can create momentary cross-contamination between ports. Body materials available in PVC, CPVC, Polypro, PVDF or PTFE. Shaft material matches body material. Elastomer seals are FKM; handle is ABS. There are no wetted metals. For custom body or seal materials, please contact factory.

Flow Patterns

2-way3-way 4-way 5-way


  • Can be custom drilled individually or as a manifold to meet virtually any multiport requirement
  • Complete 360º handle rotation option
  • Detent positions available on 5-way
  • "Off" position can be added
  • Even low quantity orders can be customized

The flow patterns depicted above are standard; valves are fully customizable and stackable to create multi-level valves and manifolds. With actuation packages, Selector Valves provide unlimited flexibility in developing multi-port control systems. Please contact our Technical Services group at 973-256-3000 to discuss your specific application.




Unit of Measure

NOTICE: Plus shipping & handling charges to apply

N/A "International orders and orders slated for export require special handling and additional documentation. We will contact you with the necessary details to facilitate a timely delivery and proper payment method."