A total of three retaining nuts to our Signet product line to improve compatibility and durability of Integral products. The retaining nuts being offered are PP Black, PVDF Natural, and the already existing Valox Yellow.

Signet integral products will be shipped with the recommended retaining nut based on the sensor. For example, a 2551 with PP body will be shipped with a PP Black retaining nut, while a 2551 with PVDF body will be shipped with a PVDF Natural retaining nut. Although the yellow Valox retaining nut is available to order, we highly recommend selecting a retaining nut that is most appropriate for your system.

The PP and PVDF retaining nuts will be available for the following products below.
Valox retaining nuts can be ordered separately.

  • 2537 Paddlewheel Flowmeter
  • 2551 Magmeter Flow Sensor
  • 8150 Integral Battery Powered Totalizer
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