The Rotary Peeler is used for the exterior pipe preparation in the electrofusion process.
The scrapers are made of cast aluminum and available in 1-1/4” IPS to 12” IPS.
The scraper is designed to be low profile and sized for a single pipe size.
They clamp around the pipe and are designed for both coupling and sidewall fusions.

• Fully concentric design so it doesn’t egg the pipe as it scrapes.
• Thin width design to help with coiled pipe.
• Fully floating blade with some oscillation to help deal with slightly imperfect pipe.
• Sealed stainless bearings to protect the pipe, increase the durability of the peeler, and reduce the effort needed to scrape.
• Quick close spring loaded closure design to ensure proper pressure on the pipe.
• Ergonomic grips to reduce fatigue on operator.
• Carbide blade with depth guides on both sides of the angled blade to provide even blade wear, extend the life of the blade, reduce drag to ease effort needed.
• Comes with a protective case to help maintain the tool in good working order.
• High quality, made by GF, field tested in Europe for approx. 8yrs before being introduced to the American market. Size


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