• Continuous service to 150°F/65°C.
  • Visible liquid level.
  • Good abrasion and impact resistance.
  • Very good chemical resistance.
  • Wide range of uses includes plating, photofinishing and food handling (resin meets U.S. Food & Drug Administration regulation 177.1520). Other sizes available.
Unit of Measure


N/A 90 Gallon


N/A 24 inches


N/A 24 inches


N/A 36 inches

Temperature Rating

N/A 150 °F

Temperature Rating

N/A 65 °C

Wall Thickness

N/A 3/16 inches

NOTICE: Plus shipping & handling charges to apply

N/A "International orders and orders slated for export require special handling and additional documentation. We will contact you with the necessary details to facilitate a timely delivery and proper payment method."