These units offer individual, handmade quality, combined with excellent accuracy and repeatability. The flowmeters are machined of high quality acrylic rod stock, and carefully polished to a clear-as-glass finish. Easy to read scales are screen printed on the meter body. Adapters on the F-400N are reinforced with aluminum stress rings for added strength, and o-ring seals are Viton. Units for In-Line Installation - Single Scale Gallon Per Minute (U.S.). The F-400N Series units have an aluminum sensor bezel clamp with an enclosed reed switch (normally open). The clamp can be easily moved up or down the scale on the meter body. Two lead wires are included, so customer can hook up their own electronics (read switch is 1 watt). Units available with High/Low Level Alarm.
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  • When installing any Blue-White flowmeter, Teflon tape has proven to be the thread sealant of choice.
  • Avoid using commercial sealants such as Loctite, etc.
  • Also, PVC glues and fumes cannot come in direct contact with flowmeters.