F-420 Features

  • Tough machined acrylic meter body, highly polished to a clear finish.
  • Direct reading permanent scale.
  • White back reflector for easy reading.
  • Sturdy adapters with high grade Viton® o-ring seals.
  • Standard models #316 stainless steel float guide rods. (Optional K-series hastelloy C-276).
  • Acceptable in direct sunlight applications.
  • Available OEM options: Private labeling, custom calibrations, custom materials.
Unit of Measure


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NOTICE: Plus shipping & handling charges to apply

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  • When installing any Blue-White flowmeter, PTFE tape has proven to be the thread sealant of choice.
  • Avoid using commercial sealants such as Loctite, etc.
  • Also, PVC glues and fumes cannot come in direct contact with flowmeters.