A heat and chemical resistant meter body of injection molded Polysulfone. Floats are #316 SS or PTFE depending on calibration. Not recommended for direct sunlight applications.
  • Temperature: 212°F/100°C at 0 pressure
  • Pressure: 150 psi/10 Bar at 70°F/21°C
  • Full Scale Accuracy: ±3%
  • Meter Body material: Polysulfone
  • Adapters material: 1" Polysulfone & 11/2" PVC
  • O-rings: Viton
  • Float material: #316 SS, Hastelloy C or PTFE
  • Max. Pressure drop: 1 psi
Unit of Measure


N/A 436009


N/A 3.0 to 30 GPM12 to 115 LPM

Adapter Size

N/A 1 inches

End Connections


Max. Pressure Drop

N/A 1 psi

Temperature (at zero pressure)

N/A 212 °F100 °C

Pressure at 70°F

N/A 150 psi

Pressure at 21°C

N/A 10 bar

Full Scale Accuracy

N/A ± 3 %

Float Material

N/A #316 SS

Meter Housing

N/A Polysulfone

Adapter Material

N/A Polysulfone


N/A Viton

Model Description

N/A Units with Polycarbonate Shield.


  • When installing any Blue-White flowmeter, PTFE tape has proven to be the thread sealant of choice.
  • Avoid using commercial sealants such as Loctite, etc.
  • Also, PVC glues and fumes cannot come in direct contact with flowmeters.