The +GF+ SIGNET 8150 Battery Operated Flow Totalizer is compatible with the+GF+SIGNET 515, 525 and 2517 flow sensors, and will provide years of dependable operation. One of the three totalizers is resettable from the front panel or a remote location, while the second resettable totalizer can only be reset by entering a user-selectable security code. Meanwhile, the third is a permanent non-resettable totalizer. Our intuitive software design and four-button keypad provide for simple operation while setting screen displays and programming the system. A display averaging feature is included for applications where the flow in the pipe fluctuates, for applications where flow stops and starts due to production needs, a no-flow indicator will display the hours of non-flow. An optional splash proof rear cover can be ordered separately if needed.
  • Three totalizers
  • Long-lasting lithium batteries.
  • Mounting versatility.
  • No-flow indicator.
  • Large digital display with averaging.
  • Simple push-button operation.
  • User selectable access code prevents unwanted changes.
  • Auto-calibration.
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