The gate valve is the most widely used on/off valve for large diameter, full port applications. When the valve is fully open, it allows straight passage through an opening that is essentially the same size as the inside diameter of the connecting pipe, so there is little pressure drop through a gate valve. The valve operates when the hand wheel and stem screw (or electric actuator) move a cylindrical plug, the gate, up and down at right angles to the fluid flow. Traditionally, gate valves are used only for on/off service, but Asahi/America's unique sliding plug design provides a larger seating area than conventional gate valves, so it can be used for throttling.

Standard Features

  • Straight-through flow with minimal pressure drop
  • Unique sliding cylindrical plug design provides larger seating area than conventional gate valves
  • Made of durable, corrosion resistant plastic
  • No metal to media contact anywhere in valve
  • Clean-out (drain) plug in bottom area of valve body
  • Rated for full vacuum service
  • Light weight for easier and economical installation
  • Positive bubble-tight shut-off
  • Visual position indicator 2" SQUARE OPERATING NUT Type P Parts (Sizes 1-1/2" – 6")


  • 2” square operating nut
  • Stem extensions
  • Locking handles
  • Electric actuation, up to 3”
  • FKM seals