Spears patented Stainless Steel Reinforced (SR) thread design is one of the most significant advancements in the use of plastic threaded fittings. More than just an added metal ring, this unique precompression design compensates for expansion forces generated from tapered pipe thread joint make-up. Radial stress is reduced in normal installations and contained in severe over tightening situations. SR style fittings use type 316 Stainless Steel reinforcement.
  • Wide Selection of Configurations.
  • High Grade Natural or Black.
  • Full 150 psi Pressure Rating at 73°F.
  • Featuring Spears Stainless Steel Reinforced (SR) Thread.
  • 180°F Maximum Service Temperature
Unit of Measure


N/A 251644


N/A 1/2 inches

Max. Service Temperature

N/A 180 °F

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