Maximum Pressure ......150PSI, Maximum Temperature PVC ....140°F, Maximum Temperature CPVC.... 180°F

Available above 2" through 8 are Special Order

Switch contacts have been tested with small relays and 30 amp J-C rela;y inductive driving coils at 120/240 VAC to 500,000 operations without failure

Unit of Measure


N/A .

Pipe Size

N/A 2 inches

Switch Operation

N/A Closed O=Open

Electrical Connection

N/A B=Potted Cable C=Tapered Grommet D=Conduit Spade/Conduit


N/A 6S



Grommet Size

N/A A=0.25 B=0.30 C=0.37 D=0.50 None

Cable Length

N/A Per ft.

NOTICE: Plus shipping & handling charges to apply

N/A "International orders and orders slated for export require special handling and additional documentation. We will contact you with the necessary details to facilitate a timely delivery and proper payment method."