Note: See Mini-Buld Tanks
All primary tanks have specific gravity (SG) and material listed, with secondary outer containment manufactured from HDLPE/Nat/1.5 and includesa standard 18"Threaded manway.
Note: 500 - 2500 gallon CCS have a standard secondary outer containment manufactured from HDLPE/Nat/1.9 gravity.
Note: Thee 3000 galllons CCS in 1.9SG has a secondary outer containment in 1.9/HDLPE/Nat included in price.
Upcharge for secondary outer;
HDPE/Natural/1.9 Add 12%,  XLPE/Natural/1.9 Add 40%, Black Rimary Add 10%, Black Both Tanks Add15%.

Upcharge for Sulfuric Acid Resin #880046
HDPE/Natural/1.9 f/Primary Tnk Add 10%
Upcharge for Sodium Hyporchlorite opaque white resin #880059
HDPE/Natural/1.9 f/Primary Tnk Add 20%

Industrial Grade Tank

Specific Gravity    Color            XLPE                        HDLPE
    1.5SG               Nat              xxxxxxxN40            xxxxxxxN43
    1.9SG               Nat              xxxxxxxN42            xxxxxxxN45
    1.5SG               Blk              xxxxxxxN46             xxxxxxxN49
    1.9SG               Blk              xxxxxxxN48             xxxxxxxN51
    1.35SG             Nat              xxxxxxxN29            xxxxxxxN39
    1.35SG             Blk             xxxxxxxN132            xxxxxxxN133
    1.9SG              Sulfuric HDLPE #8800046          xxxxxxxN030 
    1.9SG              Opaque HDLPE #8800059         xxxxxxxN52
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Unit of Measure


N/A .

Material of Construction

N/A HDLPE (Linear)


N/A 5500 Gallon


N/A 120 inches


N/A 172 inches

NOTICE: Plus shipping & handling charges to apply

N/A "International orders and orders slated for export require special handling and additional documentation. We will contact you with the necessary details to facilitate a timely delivery and proper payment method."