FlameGuard™ CPVC Drain & Check Valves For NFPA 13D Applications Only Application: FlameGuard™ CPVC Orange Check Valves and PVC/CPVC True Union Drain Valves are for use in configuring CPVC Fire Sprinkler System connection to water supply (riser/drain assembly) in NFPA 13D installations only. These valves are not UL Listed and NOT for use in any other locations within the fire sprinkler system.

CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems are based on proven products that have been in continuous service for over 40 years.

Spears® FlameGuard™ products are approved by UL, FM Global, LPCB and Certified by NSF International for potable water use. Check local codes for restrictions and limitations.



True Union Drain Valves 3/4" PVC Valve with CPVC Ends


True Union Drain Valves 1" PVC Valve with CPVC Ends
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