Primers are used for the surface preparation of plastic pipe and fittings, which is necessary for the proper solvent welding of these materials. Cleaner aids in pre-cleaning to remove oil and grease.

  • All Spears® Primers and Cleaners are low VOC products, which are environmentally friendly with lower emissions and reduced odor, surpassing the most stringent regulations and comply with SCAQMD Rule 1168/316A.
  • Spears® Primers are certified for use with potable water by NSF® International.
  • 3-Year Shelf Life

CLEANER-65 CLEAR CLEANER: Water-thin cleaner recommended for use before priming of pipe and fi ttings to remove dirt, oil and grease from the bonding surfaces of PVC, CPVC, ABS and Styrene.

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Unit of Measure

1/4 Pint Cleaner Clear
Price $4.29


1/2 Pint Cleaner Clear
Price $6.39


Pint Cleaner Clear
Price $11.07


Quart Cleaner Clear
Price $16.26


Gallon Cleaner Clear
Price $52.07
Webb/P# N/A .