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    PFA HP (High Purity) Tubing was specifically designed for the challenging environment of semiconductor manufacturing. The unique molecular structure of PFA HP resin reduces chemical extractable and protects against ionic contamination. In fact PFA HP is non-reactive with virtually all chemicals.

    PFA HP tubing has excellent clarity, flexibility, and thermal stability. The flexural modulus properties of Zeus PFA HP Tubing are designed to provide longer service life in the challenging semiconductor clean room environment. These mechanical properties are some of the primary reasons PFA HP has become the standard polymer for high purity fluid handling.

    These properties, combined with Zeus' specialized manufacturing process, result in a PFA HP tube with superior I.D. surface smoothness and overall dimensional consistency.

    • All tolerances are ±.005 unless otherwise specified.
    • All items are laser printed, endcapped and double bagged in compliance with F-57 specifications.
    • All material meets the stringent requirements for low level extractables and contaminents as detailed in Semi F-57 spec.