• Product Image- Flow Control Valve

    Automatic metering flow control valves designed to maintain a constant flow with changes in inlet pressure from 15 psi to 120 psi. No metals in contact with the liquid.

    Important: These flow controls are designed for liquids similar in viscosity to water. All applications should be tested for flow characteristics and chemical compatibility to insure desired results. Swelling of the diaphragms in certain liquids will result in loss of flow rate accuracy. An in-line strainer or filter should be installed before the flow control when suspended solids are present, and for all applications below 1.0 GPM.

    Accuracy: The rated output of Series “FC” flow controls will vary  ±15% with EPDM. Listed flow rates are ranges only. Other materials and sizes available, consult sales office. Specify flow rate when ordering. Up to 3” available.

  • Product Image- Series “ARV” Thermoplastic Air Release Valve

    Series ARV is a normally-open valve. Until your system is pressurized, the valve is simply open, and air is present. As pressure builds within the system, unwanted air is forced to the highest point in the system, i.e., the normally- open air release valve. When pressure within the system exceeds atmospheric pressure, air is expelled. As liquid rises, the poppet becomes buoyant and eventually closes. (Note, minimum specific gravity of liquid must be .9 or higher). It is possible that trace amounts of air will remain in the system, depending on the rapidity with which the valve closes. It is also likely that some trace amounts of process liquid will be emitted. At system pressure of 10 PSI (with EPDM elastomer), the poppet will seal bubble-tight against the orifice. When pressure and liquid level drop, the valve will automatically re-open. For spigot or other connection types, consult factory.

    • Safety: Allows safe expulsion of unwanted air in piping system.
    • Minimum Closing Pressure: Closes at 0 PSI, as long as liquid is present. Valve closes as liquidrises, after virtually all unwanted air is forced out. Seals bubble-tight at system pressures aslow as 10 psi (EPDM seals).
    • Superior Design: Poppet sealsmore reliable than ball design;does not deform under pressurelike a hollow ball.

  • Product Image- Series RVDM Pressure Relief Valve

    Series RVDM in-line pressure relief valves feature a primary rolling diaphragm and a secondary flat diaphragm which incorporates the Plast-O-Matic patented Fail-Dry design for added protection. If the rolling diaphragm should fail, liquid will weep through the vent port which is located between the two diaphragms. Leakage indicates maintenance is required and can be conveniently scheduled eliminating an emergency shutdown. The second diaphragm protects the control spring from the liquid. Additionally, the rolling diaphragm eliminates crystallization problems. PP and PVDF available.

  • Product Image- TRVDT-Multipurpose-Valve.gif

    3-Port By-Pass Version Series TRVDT For Smooth, Sensitive Operation and the Ultimate in Corrosion Resistance… with No Wetted Elastomers!
    Series RVDT in-line relief valves feature a wetted flat PTFE diaphragm to resist both chemical attack and salt crystallization problems. The large, active diaphragm provides for smooth, chatter-free operation. A secondary u-cup seal incorporates the Plast-O-Matic patented Fail Dry® design for added protection. If the rolling diaphragm should fail, liquid will weep through the vent port which is located between the two seals, indicating that maintenance is required. Because the secondary seal prevents liquid from reaching the control spring, maintenance can be conveniently scheduled without need for an emergency shut-down.

    • Relief: protects systems and equipment from over-pressure/pressure surges.
    • By-Pass: prevents pumps from “dead heading”.
    • Back-Pressure: maintains necessary reverse pressure in closed loop systems.
    • Anti-Siphon: Used on the outlet of a pump wherever gravity or other downstream conditions may create negative pressure (siphon) and drain a tank. The valve is pre-set to open under pump pressure, but close when the pump is off. This valve actually closes tighter when siphon occurs.

  • Product Image- Relief Valves

    Relief valves are to prevent overpressures in vessels and lines to handle by-pass flow from pumps. For highly corrosive or pure liquids. “RVT” relief valves feature a non-sticking design utilizing a PTFE shaft passing through (3) U-cup seals. Venting between the upper and center U-cup seals results in our FAIL-DRY design for added protection.
    SERIES RVD is an angle pattern design featuring a single diaphragm which is an advantage where salt crystallization problems can cause valve sticking. The standard RVD is available in 1/4" and 1/2" pipe sizes. Set pressures from 5 to 150 PSI. (1/3 to 10 Bars).
    The spring housing, since it is not in contact with liquid, is supplied only in PVC. To assure steadier flow, better pump performance, and to protect pumps from dead heading, use Plast-O-Matic’s Pressure Relief Valve

     (Optional Selections Are Made In The Shopping Cart)

    • Optional pressure seal $15.36. Available on RVT only.
    • Stainless steel fasteners are standard.
    • RVD fasteners are stainless steel (standard).
    • For Polypropylene, PVDF, & PTFE pricing, consult sales office.