• pomMBVimage

    • Ball valve shaft reinforced with stainless.steel rod to eliminate breakage.
    • Dual shaft seals to eliminate leakage.
    • PTFE bearing on shaft.
    • PTFE seats backed up with O-rings.
    • True union ball design.
    • Full concentricity and mirror smoothness.of ball assures leakproof operation.
    • Multi-directional flow.
    • True-union ends.

  • pomMBVLockOut


    • Designed to accept most OSHA approved locks/shackles.
    • Available as complete valve assembly or as kit for field retrofit.
    • Parts fabricated from corrosion resistant thermoplastic.

    NOTE: Adder suffix "-L" to complete valve part number. Add MBV valve to obtain total price.

  • pomMBVMimage


    • For use with True Blue Ball Valves with or without ZC angle characterized balls, 1 ⁄ 2 " - 2 sizes.
    • A vailable as complete valve assembly or as kit for field retrofit.
    • Metering parts fabricated from corrosion-resistant thermoplastic

    NOTE: Adder suffix "-M" to complete valve part number. Add MBV valve to obtain total price.

  • pomEBVA

    "The Engineered Actuator Ball Valve"  85 - 240 Volts AC or DC (Standard)

      • Select Voltage Options: EBVA2-2,  EBVA3-2, EBVA4-4 =  For 12 - 24 Volt
      • Select Actuator Type Options:    Standard, Fail-Safe, 4-20mA Control, Fail-Safe 4-20mA
    • Flange End Connection, 3-Way, ZC Control Ball Valve 15 thru 90 Degree Also Available.


    •  2-Way Electric Actuated Ball Valves
    • Rugged lightweight plastic construction– ideal for corrosive atmosphere.
    • Direct manual override with visual position indication.
    • Position and motor running lights.
    • Thermally protected motor - will withstand stall torque.
    • NEMA IV water and dust tight enclosure.
    • Simple attachment to True Blue valve bodies.
    • Easily adaptable for computer operation and verification.
    • CSA approval on 120 volt models.

  • Product Image- 2-Way Air Actuated Ball Valve

      The Engineered Air Operated Ball Valves 
      • Select Options:    With Limit Stop, Limit Switch, Limit Stop & Switch
    • Flange End Connection, 3-Way, ZC Control Ball Valve 15 thru 90 Degree, Monting Kits Also Available.


    • Rugged all-plastic construction - ideal for corrosive atmosphere.
    • Lightweight assembly - less piping stresses and lower shipping costs.
    • Long cycle life design - extensively tested and proven.
    • Simple attachment to valve body mounting lugs.
    • Simple changeover to spring return
    • Compact design with manual override.
    • Limit switch and travel stops available. For options and accessories please consult sales office. Polypropylene and PVDF also available.

  • pomEPP

    Series EPP has a rugged, aluminum die-cast housing with a polyester coating. It is rated NEMA 4X, IP66.
    The EPP incorporates the force balance principle of operation. The control signal value and actuator shaft work as opposing forces on a balance arm, which in turn controls air flow. Whenever the control signal changes, or the position of the actuator shaft changes, the force balance is also changed. Air is then automatically provided to the part of the actuator that will return the balance arm to neutral. The system is self-stabilizing and searches for a steady state position.

    • Uses force balance principle of operation and 4-20mA electronic signal for precise control of air actuated ball valves.
    • Combine with Series ZC characterized or custom-profile ball valves for exact flow rate control.
    • Compact, corrosion-resistant design. Complete calibration without removing cover.
    • Large, clear position indicator.
    • Repeatability <0.5% f.s. with hysteresis <0.6 f.s.

  • pomlmbv

    Plast-O-Matic Trunnion Ball Valves are available with an adapter and tee for substantially stronger and more compact valve connections to lateral piping. This design eliminates the need for a reducer, additional length of pipe, and one of the end connections on the ball valve. Advantages over traditional ball valve tee connections:

    • Faster plumbing — reduces labor.
    • The overall length is shorter; valve body is partly inside the plumbing tee.
    • Design enables removal of valve and access to internals.
    • Resists piping stresses better than traditional “reducer” connections.
    • Eliminates potential variations in pipefitting.
    • Assembly is substantially stronger than pipe + reducer + fittings.
    • Price Inludes Piping Tee
    • FKM Seals Standard

    Select Other Options:

    • Seal  for EPDM
    • Connection For Thread,  For PVC Includes Both Socket & Thread All Other Material Must Specify

  • pomTMBVimage

    “The Engineered Ball Valve”, Series TMBV provides more safety and design features than any other thermoplastic ball valve. With its mirror-polished ball, perfectly machined sealing surfaces, Trunnion centering design, PTFE thrust bearing and O-ring loaded floating PTFE seats, the True Blue three-way ball valve offers smooth turning even in difficult applications. The floating seats automatically compensate for seat wear, and after long-term cycling, the carriers can easily be returned to their original position simply by tightening the union nuts. The 2-hole ball design is standard; it is ideal for applications where flow cannot be mixed. To prevent a momentary noflow (“dead-head”) condition, an optional 3-hole ball is available. Please specify when ordering.

    NOTE #1:
    A two (2) holed ball is standard with its 180º uni-directional rotation.
    To prevent a momentary no-flow (dead-heading) condition during cycling, a three (3) holed ball is available.
    Please specify when ordering.

    NOTE #2:
    End connections must be specified.
    Dual end connectors are not standard on 3-way PVC manual ball valves.

    NOTE #3:
    Model numbers listed are
    for “threaded” end connectors. For “socket” change the second “T” in the model number to “S”.