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    • Series PDS Provides six important functions:

      • Pulsation Dampener smooths pump flow
      • Surge Suppressor absorbs shocks and vibrations
      • Water Hammer Arrestor eliminates dangerous pressure spikes caused by quick closing valves
      • Inlet Stabilizer enhances pump performance and longevity
      • Accumulator releases stored fluid during unwanted pressure drops
      • Expansion Tank protects system from thermal volume increases ‚Ķavailable with threaded connections in three capacity sizes and a variety of thermoplastic materials. Please see PDF for more information.

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    Plast-O-Matic thermoplastic calibration columns are a quick and convenient way to measure or verify pump flow rates, chemical dosing, or chemical feed systems with higher accuracy. Designed for precise, efficient testing with a variety of installation options.

    Install the calibration column on the inlet side of the pump to be checked. The calibration column must be mounted in a vertical position and must be below the level of the liquid in the tank so that it will fill when a valve is opened. Two ball valves of the same size and type must be installed in the system locations shown in the diagram. Ball valves are recommended because they offer a minimum resistance to flow and they can be opened and closed quickly. An overflow or return line connection must be installed from the top of the calibration column back to the supply tank. The calibration column must be vented to the atmosphere when in use. A support hangar or bracket may be necessary for stability.
    Chemical Compatibility and Potential Visibility Damage There are many variables that affect success or failure of a particular material with any given chemical, including concentration, temperature, and the specific compound of the chemical and the plastic. Your application may have variables that lead to clouding or lack of visibility and usefulness of the product. In many cases a physical test of the cylinder under operating conditions is the only way to ensure the success of this material for use with a specific chemical. Piping Connections & Options NPT is standard. For socket, BSP threads, metric, spigot, flange, true union ends or other connection options, please consult factory. Welded isolation ball valve(s) are available as options for one or both connections. For applications requiring more frequent cleaning or service, an optional loose fit removable top cap is offered.