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    The Rotary Peeler is used for the exterior pipe preparation in the electrofusion process.
    The scrapers are made of cast aluminum and available in 1-1/4” IPS to 12” IPS.
    The scraper is designed to be low profile and sized for a single pipe size.
    They clamp around the pipe and are designed for both coupling and sidewall fusions.

    • Fully concentric design so it doesn’t egg the pipe as it scrapes.
    • Thin width design to help with coiled pipe.
    • Fully floating blade with some oscillation to help deal with slightly imperfect pipe.
    • Sealed stainless bearings to protect the pipe, increase the durability of the peeler, and reduce the effort needed to scrape.
    • Quick close spring loaded closure design to ensure proper pressure on the pipe.
    • Ergonomic grips to reduce fatigue on operator.
    • Carbide blade with depth guides on both sides of the angled blade to provide even blade wear, extend the life of the blade, reduce drag to ease effort needed.
    • Comes with a protective case to help maintain the tool in good working order.
    • High quality, made by GF, field tested in Europe for approx. 8yrs before being introduced to the American market. Size

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    The pencil and molded scrapers are used in the exterior pipe preparation for electrofusion.
    The pencil scrapers are for tubing sizes ½” CTS – 2” IPS.
    In addition, the pencils scrapers have replaceable blades and calibration mandrels to set the blades at the correct depth.
    The molded scrapers are for larger pipe sizes from 1-1/4”IPS up to 6” IPS, and are an economical tool that provides quality scraping.

    These items will be discontinued as supplies are depleted.

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    We have the most complete offering of plastic piping systems with more than ten materials to choose from Our Custom Products fabrication group of highly-trained craftsmen is capable of turning your ideas and concepts into reality. With a full complement of specialized plastic fabricating equipment, and our new and much larger manufacturing facility in-house, GF can handle your most challenging project with the attention to detail you expect.
    Some of our capabilities include
    • CNC turning with live tooling
    • 5 axis CNC mills
    • Hot gas welding
    • Extrusion welding
    • Clean room welding and assembly (Class 10,000)
    • IR, butt, socket, BCF, and electrofusion welding
    • ASME B31.3 Bonding and cementing
    • System assembly
    • Testing- hydrostat or pneumatic
    • Sidewall fusion
    • Saddle welding
    • Enclosures and wiring