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    Well suited for closed pipe installation. Easy to read dual scale (GPM/LPM), screen printed on both sides of the meter body. Horizontal or vertical pipe installation. One piece machined acrylic meter body. Corrosion resistant internal parts. If used on Sch. 80 PVC pipe will read 12% higher than actual.

    • Temperature: 190°F/88°C at zero pressure
    • Full scale accuracy: ± 10%
    • Meter Body material: Acrylic
    • Connection type: Saddle
    • Float material: #316 SS, Hastelloy or PTFE (low flow units)
    • Max. pressure drop: 0 psi

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    Note: Available for use with New Model F-300 Containing Red Float

    Flow Rate Sensor Detects if water flow rate is at desired level. A built-in contact closure switch can remotely turn on/off a chemical pump and/or other external devices when flow rate is within desired range. Additionally, this can be used as an alarm signal if flow rate is not within flow range target, potentially indicating a clogged filter, malfunctioning equipment, closed valve, etc.

    • With flow rate sensor installed at targeted flow rate, the sensor can detect if your flow is within desired range. The alarm window is approx. 10GPM (varies). ie. Target water flow rate is 65 GPM, alarm is placed so that 65 GPM is positioned in middle of indicator window. Sensor will trigger alarm at flow from 60 to 70 GPM

    Flow Switch Detects if water is flowing through the pipe. If float leaves “Alarm trigger zone,” a built-in contact closure switch can remotely turn on/off a chemical pump and/or other external devices.

    • With sensor installed at the base of the scale, the switch can detect a flow / no flow situation.

  • Product Image- Series F500E Panel Mount Flowmeters

    The F-500E panel mount flowmeter features body styling similar to that of the F-500 series, however, it is much smaller in size to accommodate a different range of applications. The F-500E has meter body construction of machined acrylic, Viton o-ring seals, and floats of #316 Stainless Steel. If you don't see the calibration you need, contact an USCO sales person for assistance. Larger Calibrations are available.

  • Product Image- Series F-550 Panel Mount Flowmeters

    • Temperature: 200°F/93°C at zero pressure.
    • Pressure: 250 psig/17.2 Bar at 70°F/21°C.
    • Full Scale Accuracy: &pulsmn;5%
    • Meterbody material: Machined acrylic
    • Adapter material: Polypropylene
    • O-rings: Viton
    • Float material: #316 SS
    • Max. Pressure drop: 2 psi full scale

  • Product Image- Series F-750 Panel Mount Flowmeters


    The F-750 is designed to connect directly to 1/4” I.D. flexible PVC tubing, either by clamping or gluing. Reducer adapters are available for 1/8” I.D. tubing. Optional Flow Control Valve available. Internally molded float guides. Single scale liquid flow ranges: GPH, LPM, oz/min and ml/min. Single scale air flow ranges: SCFM, SCFH and cc/min.

    • Temperature: 100°F or 37°C at zero pressure.
    • Pressure: 75 psig or 10 Bar at 70°F or 21°C
    • Full Scale Accuracy: ± 10%
    • Meterbody material: PVC
    • Connections: PVC 1/4" gluing or clamping to flexible tubing
    • O-rings: Viton
    • Float material: #316 SS, Glass, Ceramic, K Monel, PTFE depending on calibration
    • Max. Presure drop: 2 psi.