• stgConicalOpenTop

    • Continuous service to 150°F/65°C
    • Complete drainage of liquids
    • Very good resistance to chemicals, impact and abrasion
    • Hard, smooth surface for easy cleaning
    • Excellent for high purity work
    • Resin complies with U.S. Food & Drug Administration regulation 177.1520
    • The flat tip of the cone permits easy installation of a bulkhead fitting

    Tank Stand Not Included - See Stands for Cone Bottom Tanks

  • Product Image - Stands for Cone Bottom Tanks

    • Heavily-braced steel
    • Polyurethane coating helps prevent corrosion–more chemical resistant than most industrial paints
    • All sizes have 8-inch hole in bottom for fittings
    • Stands for 250-gallon and larger tanks have six legs
    • Available with agitator supports for mounting mixing equipment
    • Accommodate tanks with FRP casings

      Specify for complete drainage or better solids dispersion. Stands lift tank bottoms 18 in. off floor, have cutout for fitting. Chemical-resistant polyurethane paint. To order conical-bottom tank stand with agiator support, specity 17110 stand. Special modifications such as height changes, etc. available upon request.

    Tank Not Included   See Cone Bottom Tanks

  • Product image - Heavy Duty Molded Cylindrical Tanks with Covers

    • Continuous service; 150°F/65°C (HDPE, XLPE) 220°F/104°C (PP)
    • Tough, chemical resistant for prolonged storage and mixing of acids, caustics and many other chemicals
    • Good impact and abrasion resistance
    • Smooth, easy-to-clean finish
    • Resin complies with U.S. Food & Drug Administration regulation 177.1520 (HDPE only)
    • Installed fittings available

  • Product Image - 19009 and 19010 Stands for Cylindrical Tanks

    Elevated Tank Stands - Heavy-duty braced steel stands. Lifts flat-bottom tanks 22 inches from floor. With 8-in. center hole for drains, cutout on rim for fittings. Chemical-resistant polyurethane paint.

    • 8-in. hole for drains
    • 275-gal. and larger stands have six legs
    • Rim has 5 1/2 in. cutout for fitting
    • Available with agitator supports
    • Fit most Norton cylindrical tanks, including those with FRP casings
    • Heavy-duty braced steel stands support tank with full liquid load
    • Polyurethane coating: more chemicalresistant than most industrial paints
    • For additional dimensions consult sales office. To order cylindrical tank stand with agitator support, specify part number 19010 and appropriate size code. Special modifications such as height changes available on request.

  • Item Image - Cylindrical Tank Accessories Floating Covers
  • Product Image - Tanks with Spigot for Easy Dispensing

    These HDPE tanks come complete with a PP needle-type spigot, making them excellent for chemical dispensing. To ensure strength and leak-free operation, Norton welds a mounting boss onto the tank, then installs the spigot. Available in both heavy- and light- weight versions, in sizes from 5 to 55 gallons.

  • Product Image - Economy HDPE Tanks with Covers

    Designed for less demanding applications where cost is a critical factor.

  • Product Image - High-Density Polyethylene Tanks with Covers

    • Continuous service to 150°F/65°C.
    • Visible liquid level.
    • Good abrasion and impact resistance.
    • Very good chemical resistance.
    • Wide range of uses includes plating, photofinishing and food handling (resin meets U.S. Food & Drug Administration regulation 177.1520). Other sizes available.

  • Product Image - Polypropylene Tanks with Covers

    • Service to 220°F/104°FC.
    • Excellent stress-crack resistance.
    • Very good chemical resistance.
    • Nineteen different sizes ranging from 2 to 90 gallons.
    • Wide range of uses includes plating, silicon wafer processing, high-purity water storage. For continuous service at elevated temperatures or storage of high specific gravity materials, see 15200 Series with FRP casing.
    • FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) support casings should be used with rectangular tanks at elevated temperatures, with high specific gravity liquids or having any dimensions greater than 18 inches. These casings are steel reinforced, chemical resistant, and maintenance free. Other sizes available.

  • Product Image - Cross-Linked High-Density Polyethylene Large Rectangular Tanks with Covers

    • Continuous service to 150°F/65°C.
    • Most durable polyethylene tanks available.
    • Excellent stress-crack resistance.
    • Exceptional impact resistance.
    • Straight walls protect plating equipment.
    • PVC and PP bulkhead fittings available.
    • Other sizes available. XLPE tanks cannot be welded.

  • Product Image - Versatile Utility Tanks

    Lightweight and economical, these tanks are molded of LPE and are available in many colors. An industry standard for small volume chemical feed/mixing applications, they are offered in 30 and 50 gallon sizes. Specially suited for use with TFT 0078 molded cover with recesses for mounting chemical feeder, agitator and liquid level switch.

    • Molded-in calibration scale
    • Tapered sides permit nesting for shipping/storage economy
    • Inexpensive
    • Special pump mount cover

  • Product Image - Installed Fittings Bulkhead Fittings

    Norton will install tank fittings for you. All fittings except bulk heads are installed by hot inert-gas welding. The fitting price, which includes installation, should be added to the price of the tank. When ordering, specify the type of fitting required and exactly where it is to be installed. Sketches are necessary.