• Product Image - Containment Basins

    • Excellent chemical and impact resistance.
    • Capacities listed are the maximum for the containment basin. The containment basin capacity must be at least 10% greater than that of the primary tank.
    • Check local regulations

      Price is for basin only. Basins are supplied in black linear polyethylene. Available in translucent white.

  • Product Image - Closed Head ShippingDrums

    • Molded one-piece linear polyethylene.
    • U.N. certified (1H1/Y1.3/100) drum.
    • Designed to handle with hoists, parrot beaks, forklifts and hand trucks.
    • All drums supplied with 2” and 3/4” NPT plugs.
    • Linear polyethylene. Price includes drain plug

  • Item Image - 4 Drum Spill Containment Pallets

    • Drum pallets are designed so that hazardous spills can be safely contained in pallet basin – not on your floors or in the soil.
    • Pallets hold either two or four 55 gallon drums.
    • Convenient forklift entry.
    • Designed for in-plant use, not for transport

  • Product Image - Security Spill Containment

    • Ideal as a portable secondary containment vessel, as a storage container for absorbents and other emergency response equipment, or as a drum pumping station.
    • Hinged cover is lockable.
    • Forkliftable for easy handling.
    • Designed for in-plant use, not for transport.
    • 122 gallon capacity

  • Product Image - Double Wall Bulk Storage Tanks

    DC Series - Outer containment tank capacity complies with federal regulation 40CFR-264.193 requirements.

    • Save valuable floor space.
    • Enclosed design prevents rain, snow and debris from collecting in containment tank.
    • Sizes ranging from 50 to 6,000 gallons.
    • Denotes New Size: Designed to fit through narrow doors/openings

  • Product Image - Pharmaceutical Processing Tanks

    • Designed for Bio-pharmaceutical, Diagnostic and Dry Chemical Powder industries.
    • Use with sterile and non-sterile liners.
    • Rotationally molded from polyethylene.
    • Resin complies with FDA regulation 21 CFR177.1520.
    • Processing tanks are ready for immediate reuse after liner removal.

  • Product Image - Conical Bottom Bulk Storage Tanks with Polyethylene Support Stands

    JPC Series - is designed to handle contents that have a maximum specific gravity of 1.5 at 73°F.

    • Greater corrosion resistance.
    • Less maintenance and lighter weight. Tanks come with 2" Polypropylene drain fittings with Viton gasket. 1600, 2500 and 3000 Gallons Tank are also available as a 1.9 S.G. in blue color.

  • Product Image - Vertical Water Storage Tanks

    • Economical way to store potable (drinking) water for Residential and Commercial applications.
    • Resin complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation 21CFR 177.1520(1) 3.1 and 3.2 for storage of potable water. These tanks are designed for water use only.
    • Green color reduces algae growth and blends with the environment.
    • Comes complete with threaded inlet /outlets and a vented twist entry. Double-wall tank with 110% secondary containment.
    • Large 385 gallon capacity.
    • Weather resistant and vented with hinged, lockable manway.
    • Maintenance free, won’t rust, chip or dent.
    • Large sink with debris screen and removable debris strainer.
    • Automatic overflow shutoff.
    • Oil level monitoring gauge.
    • 2”external quick-release drain coupling

  • ctrConeBottomWStandModify

    • Greater corrosion resistance.
    • Lightweight.
    • Polyethylene stands only.
    • Dimensions include stand.
    • Fittings sold separately.

  • chemtaineroiltankimage

    Safe, Easy-To-Use Storage Tank for "Used Oil"

    • The ideal double-wall tank with 110% secondary containment.
    • Available Capacity 100, 200 & 385 Gallons.
    • Weather resistant and vented with hinged, lockable manway.
    • Maintenance-free, won't rust, chip or dent. Easy to clean with soap and water.
    • Translucent "Safety Yellow" containment tank for easy routine inspection.
    • Large Sink with debris screen and removable debris strainer.
    • Automatic overflow shutoff.
    • Oil level monitoring gauge.
    • 2" external quick-release drain coupling.
    • Made of 100% Recyclable Polyethylene.
    • Meets the latest EPA standards for used oil storage containers CFR 40-279.22

  • CMT_OpenTop

    One piece molded heavy walled open top tanks designed to withstand rugged service. Ideal for handling acids and caustics.

    AA Series – Linear Polyethylene (PE) Available in all sizes.
    EA Series – Economy Lightweight (▼) Linear polyethylene.
    AB Series – Polypropylene (PP) (*) FOB CA only.
    AX Series – Cross Linked Polyethylene (x) FOB Tn only.
    AC Series – PE with FRP Encasement Available in all sizes.
    AD Series – PP with FRP Encasement FOB CA only.
    AK Series – Steel Stands Without Agitator Bracket.
    AMSeries – Steel Stands With Agitator Bracket (Shown).
       • Heavy duty stands with corrosion resistant coating.
    AN Series – Stainless Steel Floor Mounted Agitator Mount. Contact sales office. See Pg. 8 bottom.
    AF Series – Covers – One piece molded polyethylene construction.
    AH Series – Hinged Covers – Molded polyethylene construction.
       • Flexible hinge with aluminum rivets.
    FH Series – Hinged Covers – Polyethylene fabricated cover with PE hinges.
    EF Series – Covers – Polyethylene, bolted and gasketed.