• Product Image - Vertical Storage Tanks

    Assmann vertical tanks are rotationally molded from your choice of high density cross linked polyethylene or FDA compliant low density linear polyethylene. They are translucent with gallon markers and access openings molded-in. Either is more corrosion and chemical resistant than fiberglass/thermoset resin materials, stainless or mild steel. Tanks are one-piece seamless molded units, designed with wall thickness conforming to ASTM D-1998-93 standards for liquid storage and have narrow diameter for space saving in-plant use. They possess excellent low temperature impact resistance and are U.V. stabilized. They are available in natural white or optional blue, green, yellow or black colors. They can be equipped with accessories to fit your specifications.

    For great chemical and stress cracking resistance for storing sodium hypochlorite, USCO recommends using XLPE, 1.9 specific gravity bulk storage tanks. Available in optional colors. Manway access covers are hinged.

  • Product Image - Horizontal Leg Tanks

    Cylindrical horizontal storage tanks are similar to the horizontal tanks at left except they have molded-in legs requiring no steel cradle support. Materials and features are similar to vertical and conical tanks. Assmann Plastic Horizontal Leg Tanks provide a new cost-efficient design which simplifies installation and saves money.

  • asm conical bottom

    Conical bottom tanks (ICB) are available in seamless molded one piece units from either virgin high density crosslink or FDA-compliant linear polyethylene. A funnel shaped conical bottom with 30° or 45° slope is molded-in as are gallon markers and access openings. They have more resistance to corrosion and chemicals than fiberglass, stainless or mild steel. Wall thickness conforms to ASTM D-1998 standards for liquid containment. Our storage tank systems possess excellent low temperature impact resistance and are U.V. stabilized against degradation by sunlight. Factory approved steel support work is required or can be supplied. Plastic storage tanks are available in natural color or optional blue, green, yellow or black. Other options include agitator support brackets, ladders, and tie-down assemblies

  • asm cylinder basin

    These cylindrical containment tanks (IRD) are available in either virgin high density crosslink or medium density FDA-compliant linear polyethylene. A 2" × 2" × 3/16" angle iron top support ring is optional and can be ordered separately. Epoxy painted mild steel or 316 stainless steel rings are available. Basins meet or exceed EPA standards. Local regulations should be checked to assure compliance.

  • asmMiscStoreageTanks

    Open Top tanks (IOT) are molded from FDA compliant Linear polyethylene. Large open top covers are standard. Mixer support stands and hinged covers are optional. Industrial Mini Bulk (IMB) and Industrial Mini Drum tanks (IMD) are molded in either high density crosslink polyethylene or FDA compliant linear polyethylene. Molded polyethylene skids are optional for both IMB 120 and 200 models.

  • asm horizontal

    Cylindrical horizontal polyethylene storage tanks (IHT, AHT) are available in various sizes and configurations. Consult factory for specific drawings or configurations. Factory approved steel support stands are required for all cylindrical horizontal tanks. Horizontal stands are standard with epoxy primer and top coat.

  • asm rectangular

    Secondary containment basins (IRD) are molded in virgin high density crosslink or FDA-compliant linear polyethylene. They have a tapered design for nesting during shipping. These meet or exceed EPA requirements for containment of dangerous chemicals. Check with local regulatory agencies for compliance in your area. When determining size of secondary containment basins, always refer to factory drawings to confirm primary polyethylene storage tank size compatibility.

  • Product Image - Assmann Small Double Wall Tanks

    New Double Wall Tank System provides primary and secondary containment in one space-saving integral unit.

    • This system consists of a primary inner tank and secondary containment, with a capacity of 120% of the inner tank, exceeding EPA standards and complies with 40 CFR-264.193.
    • Inner tank dome overlaps outer tank sidewall to prevent rainwater, snow, and debris from entering secondary containment, making system ideal for outdoor storage of chemicals.
    • Molded 7 inch threaded top access opening is standard. This access opening is chemically resistant and fume tight. Larger access openings available.
    • Small footprints of 34 1/2 inch & under will fit through standard 36 inch doorway to allow convenient system location within tight manufacturing areas.
    • Molded in pump shelf is ideal for installing chemical pumps and metering equipment. This pump shelf is recessed in the top of the tank to contain small chemical spills.
    • Molded in sump in the primary tank is located directly below the pump shelf. Suction lines can be lowered onto the sump area, which will allow for maximum drainage of chemical with top discharge assemblies.
    • Recessed lower fitting flat will allow fittings to penetrate through the secondary containment wall and into the primary tanks sump. This feature allows full flooded suction for outlet assemblies.
    • Interstitial leak detection systems option available. Specifications pertain to small double wall tank models only. Model number availability and individual specifications subject to change without notice. All specifications approximate. All wall thicknesses conform to ASTM D-1998 standards. Consult factory on specific uses for Assmann Double Wall Tanks.

  • asmDoubleWall

    Double wall tanks (IMT) provide the best protection against hazardous chemical spills into the environment. Inner tank dome overlaps outer tank sidewall to prevent rainwater, snow and debris from entering into the containment basin. Our ability to heat trace and insulate make these tanks perfect for temperature sensitive chemicals. Molded-in lifting lugs (large tanks only) and upper fitting flats are standard. Molded-in lower fitting flats, along with a sturdy Assmann designed bottom outlet, reduce the cost of expensive double wall outlets. All double wall tanks are designed with wall thicknesses equal to or greater than that required by ASTM D-1998 standards. Double wall tanks can be customized by adding Seismic zone 4 or 120 MPH wind load tie down assemblies, leak detection, ultrasonic level indicators, and tank ladder assemblies.

      • Seismic zone 4 restraint
      • 120 MPH wind load restraint
      • Ultrasonic level indicator
      • Leak detection system
      • High and low level alarms
      • Heat tracing and insulation
      • Fiber Reinforced Ladders
      • Top discharge assemblies with foot valve
      • Available in 20 to 405 gallon capacities.
      • Large Double Wall Tanks. Available in 150 to 6550 gallon capacities. 

  • asm chemical feed station

    Assmann feed stations allow you to handle small amounts of liquids and other chemicals without the handling costs and inconvenient disposal of steel drums.

    • Lightweight, easy-to-handle
    • Uniform wall thickness allows the entire surface to cure evenly for a stronger tank
    • Air-cooled for a more uniform resin cure, reduced wall stress and improved shrinkage parameter for more consistent quality, greater structural integrity and longer life
    • Primary tanks are semi-translucent
    • Basins are capable of holding a minimum of 110% of the primary tank (Check local regulatory agencies for compliance in your area)
    • 16” threaded lid with removable 6” air breather
    • Easy-to-read volume markers

    Customize an Assmann Polyethylene Chemical Feed Station to your needs with these and other options: Primary tanks in corrosion-resistant crosslinked polyethylene

    • Primary and secondary containment tanks in many colors
    • Fittings in a variety of sizes and materials to fi t your requirements
    • Adhesive-backed decals with your company name and logo