• sig9900

     Signet 9900 SmartPro™ Transmitter to our extensive line of flow and analytical measurement instrumentation. The new device features multi-parameter capabilities and a large auto-sensing backlit display that allows at-a-glance visibility, even in dark conditions. The Signet 9900 SmartPro™ Transmitter provides a single channel interface for many different parameters including Flow, pH, ORP, Conductivity/Resistivity, Salinity, Temperature, Pressure, Level and other sensor types that output a 4 to 20 mA signal. Its multi-parameter capability will replace most ProcessPro® and ProPoint® transmitters, reducing part numbers and inventory levels


    • Multi-Parameter input selection
    • Large, auto-sensing backlit display with at-a-glance visibility
    • Dial-type digital bar graph
    • Intuitive user-friendly interface
    • Customizable label and bar graph settings
    • Optional field upgradable relays
    • Optional PC COMM configuration tool
    • Optional H COMM HART module for 2-way communication

  • Product Image- 8900 Multi-Parameter Controller

    The 8900 Multi-Parameter Controller takes the concept of modularity to the extreme. Ultimate flexibility is achieved via plug-in modules for either two or four input channels, universal AC line voltage or 12 to 24 VDC operation, up to four analog outputs, and up to four relays. The controller will support up to four additional relays, for a total of eight, by way of external relay modules. Absolute input versatility allows mixing and matching of up to four sensors with S3L output including pH, ORP, conductivity/resistivity, pressure, temperature, and level. Two of the possible four input channels may be used for any combination of the many SIGNET flow sensors with frequency output. The table below identifies sensor models available for use with this controller.

    • Modular configurability.
    • Absolute input versatility up to four channels.
    • 1/4 DIN enclosure.
    • S3L digital connectivity for pH, ORP, conductivity, level, temperature and pressure.
    • Frequency input for many flow sensor options.
    • Derived measurements: Difference, Sum, Ratio, % Recovery, % Rejection, % Passage.
    • Up to four analog outputs.
    • Up to eight relays.
    • RS232 output (pending).
    • Display options

  • sig3-9950image

    The 9950 Transmitter is a two channel controller that can support two sensors of same or diff erent types in one instrument. The sensor types supported by the 9950 are Signet Flow, pH/ORP, Conductivity/Resistivity, Salinity, Temperature, Pressure, Level, Dissolved Oxygen, and devices that transmit a 4-20mA signal with the use of the 8058 iGo® Signal Converter.
    The 9950 includes advanced features such as derived functions, advanced multiple relay modes, and timer based relay functions. Derived functions allows for the control of a relay or current loop with the sum, delta (difference), or ratio of two measurements, for example delta pressure and delta temperature. Multiple relay modes allow up to three signals to be used for the control of a single relay. This can be any combination of analog and binary inputs. The timer relay modes allow relay to be activated on a repeating basis from every minute to once every 30 days. Weekday timer mode allows a relay to be turned on on a specifi c day or days of the week at a specific time.

    • One instrument for multiple sensor types
    • Two diff erent sensor types can be combined in one unit
    • Confi gurable display
    • Derived measurements
    • Advanced boolean logic
    • Optional modules can be added for additional capabilities
    • USB Port for Field Upgrades using standard USB Flash Drive