• lmiGriffcoCalibrationTube2

    Griffco calibration cylinders are designed to enhance the performance of chemical feed systems by providing a verification of the flow rate of the chemical feed pump. Robust construction of clear PVC with an easy to read graduation in Mls. and GPH.

    • High Reliability / Low Cost
    • High Contrast Graduation Markings
    • Clear Easy-View Tube
    • Robust Construction
    • Direct GPH Readout
    • Sealed Top with Overflow Connection
    • Optional EZ-Clean Model
    • Optional Open Top with Dust Cap

  • Product Image - Repair And Preventative Maintenance Kits

    RPM Pro Pac kits include the recommended parts for the LiquiPro Series LMI Metering Pumps. These kits provide an easy, economical solution to annual pump maintenance. Replacement part kits for liquid end assemblies other than the LiquiPro Series pumps are also available. Example: Kit numbers starting with SP. Please call.

  • Product Image - Model No. 34643 Wall Mounting Bracket Assembly

    LMI’s Wall Mounting Bracket Assembly allows LMI pumps to face either right or left. A wall mounted pump is up and away from the solution drum, minimizing the chance for splatters. A wall mounted pump makes changing solution drums easier. The tubing safety wand can be handled easily and safely, for transferring from empty to full drum.

    • Wall mounts any of LMI’s Series A, B, C, J, or P pumps.
    • Rugged, polypropylene bracket provides excellent chemical resistance.
    • All hardware included for mounting pump and bracket to wall studs, concrete, or hollow block walls.
    • Provides a stable mounting surface.

  • Product Image- Liquid Handling Assemblies

    LMI offers a wide selection of liquid handling assemblies with flexible tubing and pipe thread connections. Configurations for viscous chemicals and slurries provide total flexibility in all applications. It is available in PVC, Acrylic, PVDF, Polypropylene, UHMWPE, 316 SS

  • Product Image- Auto Prime Valve

    • Simplified wiring
    • Extended Speed Range
    • Variety of Head Materials
    • Unique Cartridge Valve Design
    • Visual Pump-Operational Status
    • Ultimate in Chemically Resistant Materials
    • Easy Priming with New Three and Four Function Valves
    • Automatic priming
    • Anti-Siphon (air gap device)
    • One valve for multiple applications
    • Automatically regulates pump output
    • Field retrofittable - all LiquiPro liquid ends
    • Vertical discharge design

  • Roytronic4-FunctionValve

    Four Function Valve (4FV)

    This compact and economical valve performs four important functions for your LMI pump:

    • Diaphragm type anti-syphon protection
    • Back pressure
    • Priming aid/line drain
    • Pressure Relief

    Priming with the 4FV is simple and is achieved by a turn of the pressure relief knob. We highly recommend this accessory for every LMI electronic pump.

  • lmi_multipleTanks

    Tank Chemical Feed Systems

    Milton Roy offers tanks (in most available tank capacities) in steel, stainless steel, and polyethylene.

    They are also available with pumps and mixers mounted, plumbed, and ready for installation.


    The agitator is motor-operated with 5/16-in. epoxycoated 303 SS shaft and impeller.
         Provided with 6 ft (1.8 m) of power cord and 3-prong grounded plug
         Complete installation instructions with four 10-24 bolts for mounting
         1/20 hp, shaded pole motor. 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.5 A, 175 watts.

    Liquid Level Switch Assembly
         Corrosion-resistant switch assembly housing of glass reinforced polypropylene
         PVC float tube
         Foamed polypropylene float with encapsulated reed switch
         Float protector prevents false actuation from rough handling or turbulence
         Low voltage (12 VAC) reset switch for safety
         Neon-mode indicator lights
         Provided with 6 ft (1.8 m) of power cord and 3- prong grounded plug.
         115 VAC, 60 Hz, 6 A (max. load)