• Item Image - 727 Cement-IPS Cement and Primer
  • splDauber
  • Product Image - Twist-Tite Mechanical Test Plugs

    • Oversized Wingnut with Wrench Pad for Easy Removal
    • Made of High Impact ABS Material
    • Will Not Rust or Corrode
    • Neoprene Gasket

  • Item Image - Pneumatic-Bypass-Plugs 8 to 15 inches

    The Pneumatic Bypass Plug is designed for the bypassing of water or sewage in pipelines or to temporarily stop the flow. It can also be adapted to use in air testing of sewer lines. Each plug is designed for one pipe size. These plugs can be used in a variety of applications and are suitable for many different pipe materials. Manufactured from a durable natural rubber compound these plugs are flexible yet rugged.
    Sizes 11/2" through the 6" come with 12" chain and ring assembly attached to a molded inflation valve.
    Sizes 8" through 15" come with an eyebolt for connecting a rope or inflation/lift line and a 1/4" NPT replaceable inflation valve.

  • Product Image - Mechanical Pipe Plugs

    These reusable plugs work on small diameter plastic, steel, iron and copper pipe. A wing nut is used for tightening sizes up to 1 1/4" and a hex not on sizes 1 1/2" to 4".

  • w/tPipePuller

    Pipe and Fitting Puller: Its innovative design makes aligning and joining large diameter pipe and fittings easy and reduces installation time in half as compared to the manual method.

    • Positive gripping unit will not crush or crack pipe and fittings.
    • Unique center-line attachments assure proper pipe and fittings alignment.
    • Powerful winch easily pulls and bottoms pipe into fittings and holds freshly solvent-welded joint in place for curing.
    • Puller unit is portable and user-friendly. Can be used in a trench or on pipe rack.

    Available in two models:

    • P-0412 for nominal pipe diameter 4"-12"
    • P-1420 for nominal pipe diameter 14"-20"

    Power Belveling Machine
    Greatly reduce the amount of time and labor required to bevel the ends of plastic pipe for solvent cementing or insertion into elastomeric joints.
    It has been engineered and dsigned specfiically for use on such piping materials as PVC, CPVC and ABS

    • PPB-1000 forNominal Pipe Size 4"-24"