• Product Image - Compressed Air Pipe


    The Air-Pro piping system is made of safe, ductile high density polyethylene from Solvay (Eltex Tub 124). It meets the safety requirements for Cal-OSHA. Air-Pro is a full pressure system rated to 230 psi. It won't scale, pit or corrode, has a longer service life in tough environments, and its pressure drop won't increase. Sensitive pneumatic equipment is protected from internal particles present in metal systems.

    Air-Pro pipe has the advantage versus other thermoplastics of being chemically resistant to synthetic and mineral compressor oils (consult factory). It is assembled using fast and easy socket fusion. Finally, the system is color coded blue for easy identification of compressed air lines.

  • Product Image - Low Torque AV Gaskets

    All AV Gaskets shall be of low torque, full face to ANSI B16.5 dimensions and shall have two concentric, convex, molded rings between center hole and bolt hole circle in EPDM, PTFEbonded EPDM or PVDF-bonded EPDM, as manufactured by Asahi/America, Inc.

    • EPDM – durometer A, hardness 65 - 68
    • PTFE or PVDF-bonded EPDM for maximum corrosion resistance
    • Perfect sealing at low bolt tightening torque ratings, longer gasket life
    • Working temperature:
      • EPDM: -40 to 195°F
      • PTFE-bonded: -40 to 250°F
      • PVDF-bonded: -40 to 250°F
    • Ideal for plastic piping systems, as well as metal or plastic-lined metal systems
    • Approximately a 1/3 bolt tightening torque ratings as compared with flat or envelope type gasket
    • Thickness of bonded materials
      • PTFE: All Sizes: 0.016" (0.4mm)
      • PVDF: Sizes 1/2" - 2": 0.016" (0.4mm)
      • PVDF: Sizes 3" - 10": 0.020" (0.5mm)