• Product Image - Degassing Valve Automatic Venting

    All Plastic Design - PATENT PENDING

    • Reduces replacement costs – no internal or external metal components; ideal for aggressive environments.
    • Placed at the high point of a piping system, this innovative valve will vent gas as it occurs. A unique float/actuating lever allows the vent orifice to open when gas is present. After gas vents, liquid forces the vent to close. Whenever gas accumulates, the valve will re-open until the gas is vented.
    • All-plastic construction designed for sodium hypochlorite, ozone systems, or any liquids prone to outgassing.
    • Series DGV is designed for systems that continuously generate trace amounts of gasses. For system start-up requiring rapid expulsion of larger volume of air or gasses, see Series ARV.

    System Connection: Valve must be oriented vertically as pictured.

  • pomCARDimage1

    Series CARD Combination Air Release and Degassing Valve in a single unit. Also provides Vacuum Relief Valve function, which prevents pipeline vacuum in case of leaks or siphon. Connections from 1″ – 4″ in a variety of materials; sizing is based on air volume requirements.
    The CARD valve series is available in 1”, 2”, and 4” series (CARD100, CARD200, and CARD400 respectively). The valves are available in Geon PVC or Corzan CPVC plastic, and with Viton or EPDM seal materials. The valves are Normally Open (NO) when there is no pressure or liquid in the piping system. Process connections are NPT or socket. Vent side connection is NPT, with optional cap. For other material or connection requirements.