• Product Image - Float Valve

    All plastic PVC or Polypropylene for controlled liquid levels in all types of tanks. Float valves have been successfully used throughout the United States. They can be installed with simple piping over the top edge of the tank or by using a tank adapter. After installation, the Float Valve will automatically keep the tank as full as needed by replacing liquid lost by evaporation, spillage or drainage.

    • Specially designed for Deionized Water.
    • Distilled Water
    • Corrosive Chemicals
    • Polypropylene float.
    • Easy to install.
    • Pressure limit 80 PSI.
    • High Flow rates.
    • Piston material, hi-density, unpigmented polypropylene.
    • Four mounting holes at top of valve.

  • Product Image - Mini-Max All Plastic Level Limit Float Switch

    Ideal for high or low level alarm service. Mini-Max will control high or low levels of water or other liquids. Designed for use especially in corrosive atmospheres. Mini-Max is an inexpensive float switch designed particularly for pure water service. Mini-Max will not contaminate high purity water such as distilled, deionized, or demineralized. Watertight conduit must be used on all applications.

    • All PVC construction with polyethylene float
    • Built in mounting adapter and conduit connector
    • Compact
    • Easy installation
    • No adjustment necessary

  • Product Image - Mini-Stat All Plastic Miniature Level Limit Control

    • Compact design - uses minimum space.
    • Available in CPVC/Poly Pro combination.
    • Service to 180°F for the CPVC/PP model and 250°F for the PVDF model. 3 feet of wire furnished with unit.
    • Adjustable height by means of extension pipe and mounting bracket. Maximum 1/2 AMP load.
    • Add wire for deeper service.

  • Product Image - Liquistat - Liquid Level Control

    High or Low level control signals turn pumps, tanks, heaters ON and OFF. Extra control to prevent fires and other safety controls.

    • The lowest switch position must be 3" above the bottom of the vessel; if not, a well is required.
    • Switches can be no closer than 2" from each other.
    • Temperature limit on PP and CPVC is 180°F. PVDF is 300°F.