• Product Image- Ultrameter-II.gif

    Both Ultrameter II models deliver performance of ±1% of reading (not merely full scale). This high level of accuracy has been achieved through advanced four-electrode conductivity cell technology, a unique pH/ORP sensor and powerful microprocessorbased circuitry. With displayed values of up to 9999, the full four-digit LCD ensures resolution levels never before possible in such affordable instruments. Factory calibrated with NIST traceable solutions, each Ultrameter II may be supplied with both certification of traceability and NIST traceable solutions for definitive calibration.

  • Product Image- pH/Conductivity Meter

    • On-the-spot readings of pH and conductivity.
    • Both pH and conductivity are automatically temperature compensated.
    • Finger adjustable standardize/slope.
    • High quality, shock resistant meter movement.
    • Easy-to-read dual scales calibrated in pH units and either micromhos of conductivity or parts per million of total dissolved solids.
    • Conductivity: ±2% of full scale. Repeatability: ±1%.
    • Compensation: pH and Conductivity for samples between 50-160°F (10-71°C). Electrodes: (Built-in) pH: Gel filled; field replaceable.
    • Conductivity: Never need replatinizing.
    • Power: 9 volt battery(ies) supplied.

  • Product Image- TechPro-II.gif

    Obtain reliable and accurate measurements of your water source with the value-priced TechPro II™. Ideal for water treatment testing as well as other industrial and commercial applications, these instruments reflect Myron L’s 40-plus years experience designing and building quality conductivity, TDS and pH measuring instrumentation.

    • pH sensor well capacity: 1,2 ml/0.04 oz.
    • Power: 9V alkaline battery
    • Battery life: >100 hours (5000 readings)
    • Operating/storage temperature: 0 - 55°C/32 - 132°F
    • Protection ratings: IP67/NEMA 6 WATERPROOF

  • Product Image- Conductivity Meter

    Highest ranges read 0-20 parts per thousand (20,000 ppm) or 0-20 millisiemens (20,000 mS). MLEP model excellent for measurement of DI water purity. It has a dual scale: Megohms of resistivity and Micromhos of conductivity.

    • Chip/crack resistant cell cup.
    • Automatic temperature compensation.
    • Built-in self-conditioning electrodes (never require replatinizing).
    • Accurate, on-the-spot measurement of total dissolved solids.
    • Portable and compact.
    • Wide range of applications.