• geoEA11image

    he EA11 is our basic version for the open/close operation of smaller torques. The electric actuator EA11 consists of a gear, a direct current motor, a base print as well as equipment for end stops in its standard version.

  • geoEA25-EA250GroupImage

    The standard interface ensures the use on various standard valves. Both for butterfl y valves and ball valves, with and without manual override - the modularity is adapted to your needs. You get even more variety by being able to program a third position in addition to the end positions. This function can not only be used for a 2-way ball valve, but can also serve as an optimal middle position for a vertical or horizontal 3-way ball valve.

    The electric actuators EA25-250 can always be upgraded with smart accessories. Various additional

    functions provide the user with optimal automation possibilities. Corresponding circuit boards can be

    easily and quickly plugged into the housing.