• Product Image - MRC 5000 1 And 2 Pen Circular Chart Recorder

    Finding a place to install this recorder is easy, with its compact 2.5" panel depth and short 1.3" protrusion from the front of the panel. It can be panel or surface mounted. The cutout size for the MRC 5000 is the commonly utilized 12.7" square cutout. An optional adapter plate provides convenient retrofitting of the MRC 5000 in Partlow MRC 7000/ARC 4100 cutouts.The pens (up to two available), each with configurable spans, are positioned smoothly without any slidewire feedback, simplifying the design and improving reliability. The 10" chart rotates at user selectable speeds.
    Up to 2 Process Alarms or limit Alarms are optional for each pen, with both normally open and normally closed contacts available. Alarms can be high or Low process or high or low limit (latching with manual reset). FM approval for the high/low limit function will be available.To power the MRC 5000, simply supply power; 9O - 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz. For low voltage operation, an optional 20 - 50 VAC/DC power input is available.Digital Communications is also available as an option, to access process values, alarm conditions, etc. The RS-485 Com port utilizes MODBUS RTU protocol,allowing the MRC 5000 to communicate with virtually any software package on the market.

    • Slim and Trim
    • Easy to Setup
    • 0.56" High LED Display
    • Optional Process or High/Low Limit Alarms
    • Wide Range Power Operation
    • Optional Low Voltage Operation
    • Non-Volatile Memory instead of
    • battery-backed memory
    • Setup/Calibration Seal
    • Optional Configuration Port