• Item Image - B Respirators with Protection and Comfort

    Our respiratory program is designed to filter out contaminants and to fit snugly yet comfortably to avoid leaks. Our product line consists of disposable respirators, fully assembled respirators, replacement cartridges and filters and welding respirators. NIOSH’s 42CFR84 standard for particulate respirators provides for filter efficiency and filter degradation. The efficiency levels are 95%, 99% and 99.97%, which correspond to the numerical designation 95, 99 and 100. Selection of filter efficiency depends on how much filter leakage can be accepted.

  • Item Image - Economy Kit

    Type containers are intended for use in stationary, indoor settings. Type II first aid kits are intended for use in portable, indoor settings. In accordance with Section 5.1.1 of ANS Z308.1, all of our first aid kits contain the basic fill requirements and meet all other applicable requirements in their entirety. This standard anticipates that additional first aid products may be included to augmentthe kit, based upon the specific hazards existing in a particular work environment. Type I/II Plastic

  • Category Image- Safety Goggles
  • Category Image- Other Safety Products
  • Item Image - High Viz Mesh Road Vest

    Non ANSI/ISEA approved High Visibility Orange mesh polyester road vest. Two chest pockets with outside compartments and an inside pocket.

  • Item Image - High Viz Road Vest

    ANSI/ISEA - Class 2 High Visibility Orange polyester road vest. Two chest pockets with outside compartments and an inside pocket.

  • Item Image - Craftsman Full Grip Glove

    Toughest glove in the range, equipped with Grip Tech friction pattern inside palm. Specially designed for use at construction sites and all other environments where protection and function is highest priority. Reinforced, durable palm grip with maximum friction grip, Reinforced fingertips, breathable cuff, Velcro closure, integrated knuckle protection. Color: Black/Navy.

  • Item Image - Craftsman Cut Finger Full Grip Glove

    Thumb, index and middle finger cut to provide maximum finger tip contact for user.
    Color: Gray with Blue.

  • Product Image - Lightweight Earmuffs for Extended Wear

    For extremely noisy environments when maximum attenuation is needed.
    The Mark Series is also available for helmet mounting.