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    T-FLEX flexible pipe couplings and expansion joints are molded with PTFE and feature an extremely short face-to-face dimension making them ideal for use in limited spaces. PTFE material allows higher temperatures than most rubber elastomers, provides superior flexibility and almost universal chemical inertness. T-Flex connectors are designed to compensate for pipe expansion, contraction and misalignment. All flanges are tapped to mate with 150# companion flanges and require no gaskets due to the PTFE flared face.

    • PTFE molded bellows
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Superior flexibility
    • Applications up to 400°
    • 2 year replacement warranty
    • Compensate for pipe expansion
    • Reduce vibration and transmission of noise
    • Sizes from 1" to 12" I.D.

    Referance & Specification Library:  http://www.flexhose.com/demos.htm

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    Flexzorber expansion joints are precision molded under high pressure to ensure product integrity. Flexzorber’s spherical arch design is ideal for solving motion problems in a piping system because the forces to deflect or move the joint are inherently low since the shape allows pressure to be exerted uniformly in all directions. The ease of movement exhibited by Flexzorber joints provides an excellent choice for use with plastic piping systems. The molded spherical flowing arch is referred to as self-cleaning and is thus suited for slurries or applications with potential sediment build up or turbulence. The cord reinforcement is bonded within the elastomer to avoid exposure to atmosphere or media. The elastomeric cover provides excellent resistance to oils, sunlight, ozone, and heat aging. Flexzorber spherical connectors are manufactured with a neoprene or EPDM which provides resistance to a wide variety of media including glycol applications. Flexzorber spherical expansion joints have ANSI class 150 lb. steel floating flanges or female unions that are zinc-coated for corrosion protection and also allows simple installation. The Flexzorber flange face eliminates the need for a gasket. Other styles , sizes and elastomers available. Please consult factory.

    Referance & Specification Library:  http://www.flexhose.com/demos.htm