• fitlineTorqueWrench

  • Wrenches are calibrated to preset torque values based on nut size.
  • Wrench claw clicks over when required torque value is reached.
  • Ratcheting action allows the nut to be rapidly tightened, making jobs easier and faster.
  • Wrenches fi t easily in hard-to-reach places.
  • Available for PFA and PVDF nuts.
    • Blue Coded Handle For PFA NutsRed Coded Handle For PVDF Nuts

      • flwelder

        Fit-LINE’s TruFLARE™ replicates the close tolerances consistent with FitLINE'S patented TightFLARE™ technology.
        Our patented TruFLARE™ tube flaring system is designed for precise and repeatable tube flares, making fitting assemblies easier and more cost effective for standard size fluoropolymer tubing ¼” through 1-1/4”.
        Application and installation usage has proved TruFLARE™ tube flaring technology to be far superior to any other existing tube flaring technology in use.

      • fl_Mobile

        Hot tube flaring system creates a standard tube flare end by pressure forming and rapidly cooling the flare form. The mobile TruFLARE™ system is ideal for production fl aring. It assures precise, concentric, repeatable tube flare connections. This is without requiring immediate assembly, which is often the case with other rudimentary hot flaring systems.

        • Mobile and compact
        • 15' ling wand cable for added convenience
        • Allows Flaring in hard to reach places

      • flFlareTool

        Using the cold-flare method is the fastest, easiest installation system available today, taking just 10 to 20 seconds to install a tube-to-fitting connection using a simple hand tool. No heating or preparation is nesessary. This simple method alone can save up to 70 percent of the installation cost.