Walchem and Iwaki have over 100 years of combined metering pump experience. This partnership has resulted in the development of the world’s most advanced line of chemical metering pumps, the EClass. Featuring 5 great pump series, E-Class and LKN pumps are powered by advanced microprocessor electronics and superior mechanical design.

    • Fast Priming: 360 stroke per minute operation and precision engineered dual check valves on both suction and discharge fittings guarantee fast priming and prime retention
    • Low Energy Consumption: High speed operation results in a smaller drive that uses much less energy
    • Superior Diaphragm & Seal Design for Leak-Free Operation Backed by a Comprehensive 2- Year Warranty
    • Digital Speed Control
      • Simple to operate with only three keys.
      • 360:1 digital turndown provides easy, precise adjustment.
    • Timer Control Module Option
      • Timed feed control can be programmed in daily, 1 or 2 week cycles.
      • Change “D” in part number to a “T” and add $226

  • Walchem EW series

    EW-F Control Features

    • Feed Accuracy: 1800:1 Turndown
    • 1:1 Digital input for proportional control
    • Pulse output synchronous with pump operation
    • Digital input to stop pump operation and activate stop output for alarm or remote notification

    EW-Y Control Features of EW-F features, PLUS

    •  Analog Input Control: Fixed or scalable 4-20 mA input
    • Digital input with multiply and divide.
    • Feed Verification – Posiflow provides feedback to verify operation
    • Quick-Prime: Hold 2 keys to prime quickly w/o adjusting application settings
    • Keypad Lock-out: Keypad functions can be locked out for security
    • Easy Draw-down Calibration: Pump quickly determines volume per stroke
    • Change “F” in part number to a “Y” and add $195

  • Walchem EK Series

    EK Series Pumps are the world’s first electronic metering pumps with an IP67 rating (able to operate submerged under 3 ft. of water for up to 30 minutes).

    Control features

    • 1800:1 Turndown ratio
    • 1:1 Digital input for proportional control
    • External stop input

  • Walchem ehe1 image

    The workhorse of the E-Class - no other electronic metering pump can match the power and performance of Walchem's EHE Series. EHE pumps have outputs up to gallons per hour and pressure capabilities from 30 to 150 PSI. Combining the EHE performance and a turn-down ratio of 1800:1 yields one of the most versatile pumps on the market today. Superior mechanical design and quality of manufacturing merge to create a pump better than the sum of its parts. The EHE Series is ideal for chemical feed applications in a wide range of fields, including water treatment, chemical process, municipal and industrial wastewater. Powerful The EHE35 size pump is the most powerful electronic metering pump currently available. A pump's maximum pressure rating times its maximum output at that pressure gives a relative measure of the pump's hydraulic output power, a "power index". Control Microprocessor-based circuitry provides the operator adjustment of pump speed and external input settings via a 4-button keypad. The EHE comes with digital and analog external mode control.



  • Walchem lkn 1

    The LK Series metering pump is the largest in the high performance line of pumps from Walchem Corporation. The LK is a motor-driven, mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pump with a maximum capacity of 114 GPH (432 l/h) and a maximum pressure of 225 PSI (1.5 MPa). The heart of the LK is a compact and very reliable dual-cam system drive and worm gear reducer. Roller bearings and oil bath lubrication ensure outstanding durability and wear resistance in continuous operation. The LK Series is ideal for chemical feed applications in a wide range of fields, including water treatment, chemical process, agriculture, mining and paper.